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In return, they will forgo some privacy when they post photos of their lower-back tattoos on My

Most subscribers to online dating services are interested in these companies precisely because they afford tremendous privacy.

Many online dating services claim to be free, and then surprise you with charges for features such as contacting other members, extensive searching, viewing profiles or photos, etc.

In addition to the CDA, Congress last year enacted the Mail-Order Bride Business Act, which attempted to regulate the 200-plus mail-order bride services operating in this country.

The purpose of the act is to protect foreign women from being stalked, abused, or held in the United States against their wishes.

The law is already being challenged by angry wife-shoppers who feel that they should not be forced to disclose personal details (including past marriages, children, or alcohol-related offenses).

According to James Fox Miller: "Couples who meet on the Internet are getting to know each other, bond emotionally, before taking off their clothes and hopping in the sack." As with all things Internet, the policy tension here comes down to a clash of privacy interests.

People really like dating in cyberspace in part because they can do it in the privacy of their homes.

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