Avg having trouble updating

One last step could be renaming whole AVG program folder (C:\Program files (x86)\AVG) to another name.

What is the exact error message, what is showed during computer startup?

The computer is freezing on a file called AVGIDSEH. Hello all,please check this thread at AVG Free Forums, which is very probably related with described situation.

You can find there also steps, how to disable AVG from computer startup without system restore (How-To).

Thank you Hello tmarcelo,if you have followed our FAQ and How-to article properly, there should not be any AVG process involved in Windows startup procedure.

Proper following of provided steps should have disabled AVG from computer startup to avoid the unpleasant boot situation.

Hopefully one day we will get your confidence again. i am having the same problem with my laptop start up.gets stuck on the AVGIDSEH.

I'm pretty sure mine was turned off because I've had issues with automatic updates before. I then installed the free Avast, which cnet rates really high, even higher than AVG I want to say. Hello all, You can also use modified AVG Rescue CD for USB medium described at FAQ 4080 (recently with video tutorial), which contains automatic solution, when affected computer is booted from it.

'Course, it didn't help us this time since we actually clicked for the update to begin. Thank you for your cooperation and patiencei have tried all the above fixes and it is still hanging on when booting into safe mode.i have tried the following:1.

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