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He's got critiques films he's hosted a late night film program's.There with a so that we can develop that listen talk about some of the best movies that you should be watching as we approach following. In between what was going to be on or later you myself just almost always awesome GP Johnson so science tells us a lot of things and science tries to answer a lot of things that we don't understand and don't know and tonight we're going to get a new theory. And debt is science can actually get on board with some of the stuff because we seem to be battling science instead of you know work pretty get over it yeah. Kids Louisiana West Coast Thursday on the East Coast many years to. Leader sort of answer about the afterlife and what ghosts are and what these things that we've been chasing around at night out for years are.And our guest tonight is GC 98 he's written a book a book called ghost says six ended talks about new series.Using the most recent and re actually revolutionary data that science has some produced in regards to physics things like.So in November 1922 Einstein was traveling from Europe to Japan for lecture series she's being paid 2000 pounds by his Japanese publisher and host. Million dollars just notes written in Melbourne is no Jones is.

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But anyway he was in chat hang and I mean I figured Aaron well let's find out OK let's bring in our guests are guess is GC ninety JC welcome to the programs we do have young beyond reality radio tonight. I can't yet this search and will this showed decent. And that's what it's all about me greatly appreciate.

You can also a little restless emotional life touchpad shows join me online chat more.

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Just to see you wolf if you can start really connecting science working along with the investigators like you said it would be such a huge benefit.

For this field and just I think it's really important yet as well.

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