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Irrespective of our background, blue-collar (Peter the fisherman, Paul the tentmaker), or white (Matthew the tax collector), a Christian family should be about their father’s business (Luke ). Years ago the United States military members were admired for their self-discipline.This discipline came from continual preparation and carefulness in their personal conduct.This design was for the triumph of the family over evil and for the glory of God. Some young women see bitterness in their parents’ relationship and it makes them gun-shy about marriage and distrustful of men generally.Bitterness is to be avoided without exception, so it would be wise to observe a potential mate’s conversation toward others, particularly her dad.From the inception of the Law, offspring were counted as adults in the Old Testament for accountability and census taking in preparation for war at twenty. They are independent decision-makers, held accountable to God and society (Old Testament Law), not parents.God’s provision of roles in a family was not to minimize the importance of any member, but rather, to provide a framework for family success.Does this woman to whom you are attracted really know the Lord herself?Is she saved or just really nice, really attractive, and really lost?

Dating is not a term ever mentioned in the Bible; however, the Bible does have a good deal to say about relationships before marriage.

A Bible study on the topic of dating or courting would include studying the relationship between Jacob and Leah as well as Jacob and Rachel, detailed in the book of Genesis.

Another good relationship to study for an example of a toxic dating situation is that of Samson and Delilah, from the book of Judges.

Christian men are in a warfare (2 Corinthians 10:4; 1 Timothy ) with a real adversary (1 Peter 5:8).

Self-discipline keeps a man of God focused and busy.

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