Dating 5 minute interview

Worst case scenario, it will be a valuable new experience. Just don’t show up if you’re already happily married!One of the latest techniques to hit the job market is the speed interview.

We're also going to explain how they're structured and conducted.

He mentions a Fortune 500 company that Bright consulted for that wanted “go-getters” to be their salespeople–so they only hired fraternity and sorority presidents as their salespeople, eliminating candidates and reducing diversity.

Still, Hardtke says, the most pressing of questions–who will be the best performers in a given role–is hard to answer (and to collect information for).

Founded in 2011, job Fig uses the five-factor model of personality to measure compabililty between pre-existing teams and potential hires.

Using job Fig, you can take the 100 people who applied to your last posting and reduce the number to those that will get along with the team–and then interview them.

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