Dating a male model

My male client ended up marrying another beautiful lady I have introduced him to.

By the way he used to date another model – Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna. She is now in relationship with the vice president of Yahoo Adam Cahan. Well, at we have models and even beauty queens in our base.

I personally know several professional local models that “rent” their photos to different dating sites to attract clients. Of course if you have the body of Adam Levine or the money of Alexandra’s husband you can face another issue “Is she with me because of my body only or does it has something to do with my money”?

There’s a 33-year-old woman in London named Emma Perrier who was struggling a few years ago after a bad breakup. After talking to him for six months and even dropping the “L” word she found out “Ronnie” was really a 53-year-old guy named Alan Stanley.

So she did the online dating thing and met a VERY handsome dude named Ronnie. * Obviously she was upset but decided to do an image search to figure out whose photos Alan had stolen to pose as Ronnie.

It turned out to be a male model in Turkey named Adem Guzel!

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    We have a zero tolerance policy for men or women who are not being honest.

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    Why is dating someone who’s Jewish important to you?

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    Or you can leave the work to our matching process and let us find a match for you.