Dating and relationship and baggage who is amy jo johnson dating

And in return, I can have that same awareness and point of view when it comes to someone I am dating.

Sure, I still have some "red flags" that I do my best to avoid in relationships -- things that would not work for me in the long term, etc.

For example, in a relationship between a man and a woman, a woman might feel insecure about her body.

She may ask the man to remind her over and over that she is beautiful and skinny, though even after he tells her over and over, she still does not fully believe him.

-- but for the most part there isn't a whole lot I am unwilling to work through with someone if I feel like it's "worth it." What I have started realizing as I have been in more mature and meaningful relationships is that the emotional baggage isn't what the actual issue is.

The actual issue is how the baggage is handled and what the behavior is when it comes to handling the baggage.

And then in that situation it would be my own responsibility to deal with it and figure out why I reacted the way I did. Am I truthfully just not happy in the relationship? The truth is that the chance of being 30-something and going into a relationship without some sort of emotional baggage, whether it be a trust issue or intimacy insecurity or a fear of being vulnerable, is highly unlikely.

I freak out, panic, yell, say mean things -- and storm out of the room and ignore the person for two hours.

It might be because I work with clients on these very topics or because I went to school to learn how to deal with my own emotions and understanding them.

But it also might be that I have finally reached a place in my life where I can feel thankful and grateful for all the things in my past (as challenging as it may have been at times) and allow them to be things that help me in making better choices as I move forward.

And most of us already know what our issues are and can point them out, name them, and even pinpoint when and why they get triggered.

I think a lot of people go into relationships looking to the other person to "fix" their feelings or issues.

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