Dating more than one guy at once

Doing this will help you avoid future misunderstandings, for if he reacts negatively you will know his disapproval.

Another thing which should be borne in mind is that you should decide your limits before getting into an exclusive relationship with a guy.

By dating, you will find more about yourself and the one with whom you want to be with, without being dishonest.

In such cases, nothing is going to change much in future. At the same time, think twice before getting physically intimate.

Once you are going on dates regularly, make sure you do not lead those whom you are not interested in. It is advisable to save the hugs and kisses for later for once you get into all this it becomes difficult for you to come out of such an emotional mess.

Consider your options and make sure your date is not just interested in what you look like, but is also interested in you.

For if that is not the case then be sure it will turn out to be a very boring date.

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