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I recently completed Goldman’s book, and re-read all the passages about Ruby and her marriage to Al Jolson.

By way of a personal review, I preferred the more compelling narrative of Michael Freedland’s biography to Goldman’s, but Goldman’s volume is superior in value of facts, resources and leads.

Goldman does not mention whether there were other owners.) Billy Grady becomes Ruby’s agent later that same year.

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When Ruby discovers the identity of her secret admirer, she freaks.Billy Grady, Ruby’s first manager and the author of "The Irish Peacock: Tales of a Legendary Talent Agent".In the same fashion that Patrick Watson mined much of his primary material from Goldman’s book, Goldman in-turn makes ample use of Billy Grady’s memoir as his primary Ruby source. For right now, Goldman’s accounts are gold, and I recommend it to any-and-all Ruby fans.[…] Ruby released from her contract with Lindsay, became a principal attraction at the El Fey before she was fifteen.Larry Fay was the owner, but the club was soon identified with Texas Guinan.

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