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The street is named after Maria Ylagan Orosa, a woman of many skills.

The trees around me were old and the walls, not high enough to cover the buildings they protected, were ancient. When critics write or speak of Manila, they always talk of the noise that permeates its neighborhood.

This is a cemetery building, I explained to myself.

Congratulating my sense of metaphors and elated with my pun, I quietly commented how giving up the building was bad.

The acoustics of the Philam Life Auditorium was tested by orators and opera singers. We cannot complain either but only grieve: The office has moved to the Fort, a name that speaks of fortification.

Around its compound, the stalls were selling food and drinks. Some of the stores had folded up, and hidden by sheer curtain, the vendor slept.

The Ateneo de Naga High School prided itself upon three VOD champions: Raul Rodriguez, Manuel Enverga and Tomas Santos, the last the son of famed writer Bienvenido Santos.I saw in the Philam Life Auditorium Laurice Guillen as Blanche Du Bois in Orlando Nadres’s translation/adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s the play was directed by Lino Brocka and included his then new discovery, Phillip Salvador as Stanley Kowalski, a role made famous by Marlon Brando.Each night, there was a scene where Salvador’s Kowalski would grab the neck of Guillen’s Du Bois, and her necklace would scatter all over the floor.Content includes your company name, tagline, objectives, products, contact details, updates, and more. Choose a domain name and template or let us choose for you. We provided a comparison table so you can determine which plan is best for your budget.Choose the domain name that describes your business and make sure it is available for registration. For more definitive description of features, please email us at [email protected] message us from our Facebook Page at https://

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