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On-demand subreports in Crystal Reports 2013 are displayed within their own object frame in the main report, which reduces the amount of display space required within the main report.In addition, data from an “On-demand subreport” is not accessed from the database until the user double-clicks the subreport to display the detail data.

Then click the “Report Wizard…” button to launch the Report Wizard dialog box, which steps you through the creation of a standard report.Subreports in Crystal Reports 2013 are created in the same manner as normal reports, but are then embedded within a main report as a report object.Subreports in Crystal Reports 2013 also cannot contain another subreport within them.You can also check the “On-demand subreport (similar to a hyperlink)” checkbox to create a subreport that does not display its data until the user double-clicks the subreport link.At that point, the users can drill-down to display the subreport data on a separate “Preview” tab.

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