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He was also more than willingly to participate, and in turn, the sex wasn’t just good, it was great.

Though I wanted to share my sexual adventures with my friends, as we had always done in the past, I was embarrassed.

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I remained his chew toy for a few months, but the whole time I wondered what the hell was wrong with me.I immediately regretted the words.“Why would I do that? Although what he really meant was, “What the hell is wrong with you?” I couldn’t answer the question he asked or the question he meant to ask, so I just stayed quiet as he explained why I should start going to therapy twice a week instead of once.Not that I’m trying to rationalize my preferences—I’m done with that—but it does seem like an obvious conclusion.I also know that in being verbally degraded by my partner in an intimate setting, I’m taking back those words that I would allow someone to call me outside the bedroom.

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