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It would be impossible to come to a proper conclusion without looking at British society, both as it is now and what it will become.Post-Brexit, the mood points towards a country where half of its residents think there is too much change, too many immigrants and a loss of traditional British values.It was a surprising move from the Palace to issue such a statement, showing just how severe the situation must have been for Markle and her family.Forbes posed the question, does Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle, have what it takes to be a princess?

Ultimately, the threat is that widespread surveillance will change the character, feel, and quality of American life."Apple's Face ID follows Samsung's use of a similar feature in the Galaxy Note 7.

, the system uses the phone's front-facing camera to scan and register your facial structure for use as a password, eliminating the need to input a keypad password or scan a fingerprint.

Using facial recognition to unlock a device isn't a new concept, and previous attempts have shown the technology can easily be tricked.

The article states that "records allude to the racially-divided nature of American history, with her great-great-grandfather recorded in a census as 'mulatto'".

I feel sorry for whoever had to do extensive research on this blatantly obvious fact America was racially divided.

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