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It takes a strong man to be equal to or above all of this power to reach through and bring out the truth that is suppressed within her.

Until men can value a woman's nature which is not behaviorally represented in our independent or socially valued women (and somehow on earth figure out what that is), they will continue to attract NONsexual relationships.

If you have the opportunity to work with Rion in person, you must do it.

He lives and breathes what he teaches and there is no substitute for being in his energy field and seeing him in action first hand.

And, if your lucky, Rion can really start to pull back the curtain and give some glimpses into some truly mind-blowing perspectives and ways of being.” .

It has been about a week since the event and I am still on cloud 9. It's tough to say, but the first thing that comes to mind is that if it were in my budget, that event was worth at the very least a Grand to me….

Sexual Reality At the end it promotes others to join Fix MIG and Sexual/Holistic Awakening. I'll be making this discount available and giving more details coming up.

Since you're already on it, what I've decided to do is just give all Fix MIGer's (paid) the same permanent lowest (Beta-Tester price) rate for full access to Holistic Awakening. Don't overlook the ebook, this will help lock things in for you.

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But, until I actually went through it, I doubt I could have foreseen or realized its true value.

They don't understand NG or polarity or the maps that have influenced them. Funny thing is, I almost didn't sign up for this program because it had inner game in the name. His power tools are the only known methods that cantransform you from the inside out because they recondition your sexual core through holistic re-conditioning.

If you continue to use the tools with all facets of who you are you can r, have more control over what influences you, and ultimately become the Natural Alpha Man that you were born to be.

The question comes down to; WHAT are they attracting? Are they attracting what they think and believe is a woman's sexuality?

Or are they actually attracting more of the economic game of sexploitation and pornography instead of women themselves?

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