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Another thing you must know is if you partner is a transgender or transsexual pre-op or post-op.Imperative to know from the beginning for the reasons we mentioned above.And with a dating site is now possible, even for transsexual girls and men who love to date them. But if you are new to the game of transsexual date, then you need to make sure at least what’s the right partner for you! We do understand that it is quite embarrassing, and it’s not something that you can ask for your first date.

Chances are, you may know his twin brother My ladyboy date?This is indeed a brilliant time saver and also preventing heartbreaking whereas you find out later you ended up chatting or dating a not suitable partner.Would be so disappointing and also tactless ending up to tell each other ” we are not compatible” after days of chatting right? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an Asian ladyboy or westerner transex; the following applies in both cases.So, this is another PRO feature of My Transsexual date that makes it simple.You can also tell your intimate preference, or not show in case, on your profile.

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