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Each hero's superpower, except that of The Thing/Ben Grimm's, which was more of a rubber suit, need computer graphics to be created. Fantastic/Reed Richards, the flames of the Human Torch/Johnny Storm, and the invisible outline and verging on psychic powers of the Invisible Girl/Susan Storm.

Another character in which it was utilized was Victor Von Doom/(The creative) Dr. All of the images created seemed cartoony, but thats okay since it's based on a comic book anyway. I'm really looking forward to that but sometimes people make movies and they're awesom, but then they make a second part and it sucks ass, they just ruin it!

Considering the fact that the movie was rated a PG-13 allowing for more adult themes, which were really little more than "Ha ha, she's naked." jokes, it could have had a wider basis of relevance.

This is hoping too much, however, considering that even many current day R rated movies are just rip-offs of older movies with little true original thoughts or images used.

And in X-men, the mutants were disowned and looked down upon by the general public. A good superhero is about NOT showing off their powers but saving others without any regard for themselves. Matthew (4 out of 10 )As a fickle way to spend one's time, Fantastic Four was entertaining but with very few moments that last in the memory, just hazy moments of pretty CGI.The entire scene was impressive in the terms that they created in practicality every building in New York, the parts of the bridge not shot, and the waters beneath.The other scenes where it was utilized existed throughout the film.Many of the themes of this movie were simply transplants from the comic book, and certain aspects from them were simply thrown into the mix because thats how they were originally written and inked.For sheer entertainment value (the teens in the room seemed to be oooing and aaahing,) the movie is ecstatically, just okay.

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