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A script/alphabet CAMNEWTON4PRES: Yup diversity brings open mindness tho It is def needed when your ethnicity is being polarized in a medieval and backward ideology/book What's the meaning of that word? Koyali ma to me wi'e midon yidi kabiila ji fere ji, min na mi neddo momari kabilanchi dum, min 'e' miwondi 'e' kowa. "You are the thief, you are the liar, and weak heart. What is your business if I say am attracted to other tribes?

Btw did foulbes have a script prior the Latin one ? Are you the owner of fulaniness to say am not a fulani? Me am not a believer of tribalism like you, me am together with everyone(irrespective of tribe).

Some people also voluntarily assimilated themselves among the Fulanis.

Bororojo: If your Fulani mum didn't meet your Fulani dad, you wouldn't even exist.....

Is it by force that i must like/attracted to fulani girls?A lot of slaves that belonged to the Fulanis have been assimilated culturally by them.That may explain why some Fulani who don't really have the phenotypes identify themselves as 100% Fulani, when in fact they may have 30% or less Fulani dna.It happened in all Fulani settlements, I personnally see that a lot of Nigerian Fulanis and some Fulanis from Niger look Hausa(ish)...The last case is also linked to social status but in a "lower" level.

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