Unlimited live chat

A chatbot thinks and learns from your business operations.

They do not get a syntax error when receiving too much text or misspelled words.

Monthly Unique Visitors are visitors who accessed the site or users who opened the app at least once in the last 30 days. Free for upto 200K MUV on blossom, garden and estate plans ( for every 100K above that).

In the current business climate, there is an increase in the use of online chat features to assist clients in the search process.

A chatbot can only find a specific answer, which might not be what the customer wanted to know. Therefore, a human can help customers better compared with a chatbot.

Disadvantages of live chat· The live chat can’t work for 24 hours a day, it needs humans to work.· The response time is way slower than a chatbot.· Humans do not speak as many languages as a chatbot can. Your team needs to be motivated to give good customer service, and you need available trained people to do the job.

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Benefits of live chat·A human is at both ends of the chat.The bot will not know what a customer wants if the question is not specific enough.· Customers can miss the contact they receive with a human.A live chat is an online customer service software with live support.By being able to show emotions, they can think with the customer.· The quality of the conversation is better than compared with a chatbot.

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